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Carlton Operatic Society CIO - Constitution

as at 11th April 2021

The constitution of the society is a formal document which must be approved by the Charity Commission. Changes to it must be first approved at a general meeting, and then agreed by the Charity Commission.

As per the constitution:

26. Rules

  1. The charity trustees and, in the case of the "Membership and Audition Process", the members, may from time to time make such reasonable and proper rules or bye laws as they may deem necessary or expedient for the proper conduct and management of the CIO, but such rules or bye laws must not be inconsistent with any provision of this constitution. Copies of any such rules or bye laws currently in force must be made available to any member of the CIO on request. The rules in force at the date of the formation of the CIO are the "Rules of the CIO" and the "Membership and Audition Process". In the event of inconsistency between the "Rules of the CIO" and the "Membership and Audition Process", the "Membership and Audition Process" shall prevail.
  2. The "Rules of the CIO" may be amended by the trustees from time to time, but the "Membership and Audition Process" may only be amended by agreement of the members either by vote at a general meeting as provided in sub-clause 10(2) or by written resolution as provided in sub-clause 10(3).