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Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde The Musical

Music and Lyrics by
Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin

Book by
Heather Hach

Based on the novel by Amanda Brown and the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer motion picture

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LIMITED

Elle Woods can handle anything. So when her boyfriend, Warner, dumps her she decides to follow him to Harvard Law School and win him back. With some help from new-found friends, she learns that it's so much better to be smart.

Winner of 7 major awards including the coveted Best Musical 2011 (Olivier Awards) this all singing, all dancing romantic comedy is about knowing who you are and showing what you've got!

Presented by the award-winning Carlton Operatic Society.

5th - 9th May 2015, Nottingham Theatre Royal


  • Tuesday 5th May 7.30pm
  • Wednesday 6th May 2.30pm & 7.30pm
  • Thursday 7th May 7.30pm
  • Friday 8th May 7.30pm
  • Saturday 9th May 2.30pm & 7.30pm

Original Production by Hal Luftig, Fox Theatricals, Dori Berinstein, James L. Nederlander, Independent Presenters Network, Roy Furman, Amanda Lipitz, Broadway Asia, Barbara Whitman, FWPM Group, Hendel/Wiesenfeld, Goldberg/Binder, Stern/Meyer, Lane/Comley, Bartner-Jenkins/Nocciolino and Warren Trepp; Produced in association with MGM Onstage, Darcie Denkert and Dean Stolber.

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  • Balcony: £10

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Downstage Centre

LEGALLY BLONDE - Musical ****

Sheridan Halton | Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Along the way she learns more about herself than she dreamed possible and opens the eyes of those she meets, showing them that you can't always judge a book by its cover.

Even when that cover is very, VERY pink.


This musical, based upon Amanda Brown's 2001 novel and Hollywood film, is fast paced, frenetic and most of all fun! It's a show which, refreshingly, refuses to take itself too seriously and is littered with many self-effacing, tongue in cheek moments which make it particularly endearing. It is not, however, a show that can be embarked upon half-heartedly and presents some huge challenges for any amateur company to contend with. But happily, Carlton Operatic Society are more than up to the task proving themselves worthy of being one of the first amateur companies in the country to perform this musical. Not only that but they also do it with the style and confidence required to look thoroughly at home on the glorious stage of the Nottingham Theatre Royal

Credit must go to Director Amanda Hall and Choreographer Rachael Rees who manoeuvre the cast beautifully on the stage to create an overall look that is lively and effervescent throughout without ever seeming chaotic. The show is well punctuated by the clear shifts in tempo and mood from bubbly ensemble numbers to more controlled stern numbers and then more reflective and tender moments before plunging right back into more downright infectious silliness. The pace of the show is hellishly rapid and it would be easy for a company to get carried away by the whole whirlwind of the score and lib that was written to challenge any professional company. However, this production team has done a masterful job of keeping everything firmly on the rails. Very impressive.


It was no lesser task to undertake such a challenging musical score and it has to be said that Musical Director Christopher Rees has done an equally impressive job guiding the company and orchestra through many complex harmonies and rhythms to be found in this endurance marathon of a show.

Mention must also go to some slick and unobtrusive stage management led by Jon Higton, indeed this is a very busy production for the crew of stagehands who help to keep the show flowing from scene to scene without pause or distraction.

There are some very strong individual performances in this show. None more so than Rosie Wade in her star turn as Elle. She leads the show with unwavering energy, confidence and charm showing a flair for comedy timing as well as the ability to hold the stage with real grace during some of the more introspective moments. Wade is very accomplished and much deserving of all the praise she will undoubtedly receive for this portrayal. She is well matched by Mark Coffey-Bainbridge who plays the Harvard teaching assistant Emmett Forest with the laid back ease required for this role, contrasting beautifully with Elle's bubble-headed vivacity. The pair sing beautifully throughout and are a pleasure to watch on stage.

The character of Elle is well supported throughout the show by the trio of closest 'Delta Nu' Sorority girl-friends Serena, Margot and Pilar played excellently by Ella Greenwood, Andrea Chapman and Lucy Bailey respectively. Also giving a strong performance is Sarah Kelly as the initially snooty and superior Harvard student Vivienne Kensington who has snapped up the lost love that Elle came to Harvard to reclaim; Warner Huntingdon played by Rob Holsman. This is another good pairing demonstrating some very strong vocals and creating some toe-curlingly condescending set-pieces for our poor heroine Elle. Graham Ward gives a good performance as Professor Callahan, carrying off the cool, icy and controlled Harvard Professor with aplomb, particularly in his act 1 number 'Blood in the Water'

Defying all bounds of human endurance in the opening to act 2, Jessica Royce is superb as Brooke Wyndham, an American exercise queen standing trial for murder. It takes a particularly sadistic type of writer to create a number in which a soloist and small ensemble perform the entire song skipping rope in time to a particularly rapid tempo. But Royce and her team of skippers carry this off amazingly well, belting out the song in fine voice without the slightest hint of fatigue. Seriously impressive!!


The musical also features a charming side-plot with Elle's newfound beautician friend Paulette played by Helen Eadsforth who is seeking her own 'Mr Right' and finds him in the snug-shorted form of the UPS delivery man Kyle played by Tom Keeling. Each of these two, in their own way, provide some of the show's genuine highlights. Helen is utterly engaging in her portrayal of Paulette, giving a terrific performance of the tricky number 'Ireland' in act 1 and providing some fine comedy acting throughout. It is hard to believe that this is her first time in a leading role, the first of many I am sure. She is brilliantly matched by Tom who gets every last ounce out of the character of Kyle, a part with few lines but one hell of a walk! Never before have I seen a walk incite spontaneous applause from an audience.

Carlton Operatic Society are in the enviable position of being blessed with a wealth of talent on the stage. The entire company of this production work their absolute socks off and never drop their energy or commitment for a moment. It is a delight to see such a strong ensemble working together with such obvious and contagious enjoyment. Overall, this was a very impressive production in which the fun that the cast were having on stage was shared by the audience who were all sporting big broad grins having enjoyed a most enjoyable evening's entertainment.

The show runs until Saturday May 9th and is certainly one not to be missed. If you don't have tickets yet "Omigod you guys....what are you waiting for??"




This show was very well directed by Amanda, using all the theatre facilities available and a talented cast to provide great entertainment. Christopher controlled and interpreted the musical side well at all times, no mean feat with a lot of complex musical moments to perfect on stage and in the pit.

Rosie Wade was excellent as Elle, vocally and dramatically. Hardly ever off stage except for many quick changes, she was on top of the role throughout. Mark Coffey-Bainbridge was well cast as Emmett developing the character well, a perfect foil for Elle.

There were also very good performances from Rob Holsman (Warner), Sarah Kelly (Vivienne) and Graham Ward (Callahan) with fine character portrayals from all.

Helen Eadsforth made a striking principle debut as Paulette, her "Ireland" number was great. All the remainder of the cast provided full support at all times and certainly helped in the success of the show.

The choreography was in the very capable hands of Rachael and she did not disappoint. It was also performed well, especially the "Whipped into shape" number, a must for Weightwatchers!

The set was very good and used well, with the many scene changes managed very efficiently. Costumes props and lighting all added to the overall visual effect, and the dogs behaved very well indeed!

This was a great musical and very well prepared, congratulations to the cast and production team.


Musical TV

Review of Legally Blonde - Carlton Operatic Society, Nottingham Theatre Royal – Tuesday May 5th 2015

Last night at the Theatre Royal, Carlton Operatic Society once again showed that they produce excellent and professional musical productions. Legally Blonde was a regional premiere for this popular company and they did it proud.

The production had a very strong cast, a bright colourful set, great costumes and very good music.

It tells the story of Elle Woods a girl who enrols at Harvard Law School to win back her ex-boyfriend, Warner. She then finds that her knowledge of the law can help others, and successfully defends exercise queen Brooke Wyndham in a murder trial. Throughout the show, no one has faith in Elle Woods, but she manages to surprise them when she defies expectations while staying true to herself.

In the leading role of Elle Woods was the quite brilliant, Rosie Wade. What a fantastic performer she is- a very strong actor, wonderful singer and proficient dancer. She certainly made the role her own and sparkled throughout. He comedy timing was first rate and she was an utter joy to watch.

The rest of the principal line up was also very strong with Mark Coffey-Bainbridge as Emmett Forest, Rob Holsman as Warner Huntingdon II, Graham Ward as Professor Callahan, Sarah Kelly as Vivienne Kensington and Jessica Royce as Brooke Wyndham.

Helen Eadsforth was a fantastic Paulette, the hairdresser. She entranced the audience with her superb comedy style as well as being a great singer and dancer.

The ensemble supported the principals well and there were some good set piece dance routines. I particularly enjoyed the "Irish Dancing Scene" which was well choreographed and performed. The choreographer, Rachael Rees, is to be congratulated for her work with the whole cast.

As always, the Director, Amanda Hall, ensured that this was a show that moved with cracking pace and her direction was tight and imaginative. In particular, I loved her direction of the "Gay or European" song, which was brilliant, packed with action and very funny.

Musically this production was excellent and I must compliment the Musical Director, Christopher Rees. Everyone sang very well and the orchestra was first class.

Technically this show wasn't easy, having many scene changes often after short scenes. However, the changes were very smooth, quick and unobtrusive, thanks to the excellent work of the Stage Manager, Jon Higton and his first class crew.

One important feature of this production is that the cast looked throughout as though they were having a great time, happily taking the audience with them to another time and place. There was certainly an enthusiastic ovation at the end.

If you enjoy watching bright, feel good and happy shows and ones that are performed with great enthusiasm and at a professional standard, go and see this production by The Carlton Operatic Society before it ends on Saturday.

The excellent ensemble featured: Andrea Chapman, Lucy Bailey, Ella Greenwood, Hannah Rogers-Gee, Aston Fisher, Catherine Cunnigham, Sarah Hill, Laura Thurman, Sophie Petruccio, Gareth Morris, Ross Lowe, Alison Stones, Peter Newman, Tom Keeling, Adam Collisham, David Hurt, Nigel Newton, Jenny Scott, Mike Newbold, Heidi Hargreaves, Celine McKeown, Zie Scott-Smith, Michelle Smith. There were, of course, also the two excellent canine performers, Hugo and Lady!!

Nottingham Post

From the powerful, upbeat overture, Legally Blonde was set to be a lively show, packed with humour and toe-tapping music.

It centres around Elle Woods, a dippy blonde from California who tries to impress her preppy ex-boyfriend by blagging herself a place at Harvard Law School.

The opening number, Omigod You Guys, was full of strong vocals in the form of the three supporting roles, Margot, Pilar and Serena, played by Andrea Chapman, Lucy Bailey and Ella Greenwood.

The leading lady, played by Rosie Wade, displayed her powerful vocals and excellent acting ability early on in the number, 'Serious', with her co-star, ably played by Rob Holsman.

As it progressed there were a number of other lead roles and cameo parts worthy of a mention. None more so than Paullette, a quirky and comedic character, played excellently by Helen Eadsforth.

In act two, Tom Keeling set pulses racing as he played Kyle, the muscular, handsome UPS delivery man who Paullette seduces with her 'bend and snap' routine, which was easily the best scene of the night.

The set was very impressive and the scene changes, some of which were quite complex, were executed smoothly and mostly unnoticed.

Professor Callahan was played by Graham Ward whose experience definitely shone through.

The number 'Gay or European' certainly amused the audience with its un-politically correct references and camp cameo parts played by Ross Lowe and Gareth Morris.

Credit must go to the musical director Christopher Rees, who obviously worked hard with the lead roles on some complicated musical numbers.

Numbers were polished and simple; dance moves were used to create excellent company numbers. All the hard work put in by director Amanda Hall and Rachel Rees, the choreographer, obviously paid off.

Legally Blonde is definitely worth a watch and runs at the Theatre Royal until Saturday, May 9. Tickets are £10-£21 from carltonoperatic.com or the box office 0115 989 5555 and trch.co.uk

Kev Castle

Oh My God You Guys! What energy! What pinkness!

After a bit of a sound issue with the microphones, which as it was first night can be forgiven "Legally Blonde" rolled along at a cracking pace. It's the story of Elle Woods who is madly in love wither her man Warner Huntingdon III, but when he takes her to dinner, a dinner she thought was going to see her becoming Warner's fiancee, he announces that he is off to Harvard Law College and needs to break up with her. Elle takes this badly and vows to win him back by also applying to get into Harvard to show him that she is what he wants.

Director Amanda Hall has form with picking strong female leads and she follows up last year's smash "Sister Act" with another great female led musical. Rosie Wade takes the lead role of Elle Woods and boy has she got a strong and powerful voice on her. Another director told me that the way you can judge a good actor is if you can believe in the role the actor is playing and the actor believes they are the character they are playing. Well I can confirm that Rosie is most definitely a good actor as I was drawn into her performance and believed in her character. Headstrong and passionate about what she wanted, and she got what she aimed for, albeit not what she initially thought she wanted.

Mark Coffey-Bainbridge was Emmett Forrest. Mark is always consistent with his roles and this second Theatre Royal stage gracing just seems to cement my opinion that big stages are where he should be, or small stages - he looks comfortable wherever he plays. He's an actor you can also feel comfortable watching and his singing voice is the same, comfortable on the ear.

Elle's boyfriend, Warner, was played by Rob Holsman, another regular face on the Nottingham stages and a good choice to cast him as Warner. I seem to think that Rob's voice has either become stronger, or with him having an upfront role it's become more noticeable. Another convincing performance.

Another classy performance was from Graham Ward as Professor Callahan. A strong voice and a performance that was full of authority

I loved Helen Eadsforth's Paulette. She becomes one of Elle's best friends after a visit from Elle to her hair and nail parlour and they strike up a very believable friendship which helps Paulette not only get her dog, Rufus, back but also wins her the man of her dreams in Kyle the postal delivery man.

Although Kyle is only a small part, but with a large package, he certainly makes his presence felt, getting the first wolf whistle of the night (is that legal nowadays). Tom Keeling looks like he enjoys every single second he is on that stage as the flirty Kyle as he struts and flounces across the stage, forever smiling at the audience as if there were a camera just poised on him. I think Paulette, and the audience, appreciated the shorts he wore! A great little fun role for someone who enjoys his work, and made it show.

Sarah Kelly played Warner's Harvard love who saw the light and dumped him and turned from prospective super bitch to being one of Elle's allies, and another classy vocal performance to boot.

Jessica Royce has my admiration for playing the accused Brooke Wyndham and keep fit guru. There is a section where Brooke is skipping, with a rope, and singing as well. Never a beat missed, a skip out or a sign of breathlessness during the energetic routine of synchronised workout. Top points Jessica Royce for stamina!

And who can forget Rufus the bulldog and Bruiser, the Glee loving Chihuahua who both definitely had the "aaahhhh" factor.

A solid large cast with many well-known faces from the various local stages combine to create a very entertaining evening of fun and music which has a heart-warming happy ending.

Slight sound issues didn't detract from the show. The lighting by Tom Mowat as professional as ever, and I must mention the smoothness and unobtrusive way the scenery was moved, and removed from the set. With your focus being on the actors on stage the scenes and props were moved and placed without any distractions. And that is also important for the rapid flow of the scenes. No waiting for blackouts or instrumental orchestral sections while the scenes changed, it was like watching a film moving from scene to scene. A job well done by the combined stage managers Jon Higton, Robin Meadows, Samantha Tibbs and Ian McCarthy

A lovely sound from the orchestra under the direction of Christopher Rees and some energetic and entertaining choreography from Rachael Rees.

As I said, this is another BIG smash for everyone involved, and this really is a team effort from all involved, and that is probably why it all looks so effortless, which makes your evening with The Carlton Operatic Society such an enjoyment.

"Legally Blonde" is on at the Nottingham Theatre Royal until Saturday 9 May 2015

Left Lion

From its dazzling, explosive opening number 'Omigod You Guys', the Carlton Operatic Society's production of Legally Blonde at the Theatre Royal sets an ambitious, bubbly and vivacious tone that it more than matches throughout the entire show.

Based on the 2001 film of the same name that helped make Reese Witherspoon a household name, Legally Blonde is the story of Elle Woods, a ditsy Californian sorority girl who enrolls in Harvard Law School in an attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend Warner. Their break up hinged on his assertion that he needed a wife who was more of a Jackie Kennedy than a Marilyn Monroe, inspiring Elle to take her life more seriously, or at least appear to for Warner's benefit. Whilst at Harvard, she forms a close bond with a teaching assistant Emmett Forrest, discovering that her unique approach to law helps Elle defy people's expectations of her.

The plot is intentionally preposterous in the best possible way. This is, after all the fantastical world of musical theatre, where the beautifully absurdist story fuels the glittering, glamorous set pieces, which roll past at a thoroughly entertaining pace. An example of this coming from one courtroom scene, where the judge, jury and legal teams sing "Is He Gay Or European" about a witness. Out of context, it sounds mental, but within the wondrous world of Legally Blonde, works perfectly.

The show's main strength lays the performances of a brilliant cast, with Mark Bainbridge and Rosie Wade particularly impressing as the two leads. Bainbridge is the perfect Emmett Forrest; with a combination of charisma and outsider charm that make him both a great underdog, and the perfect foil for Wade's Elle. Although at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, they are both outsiders in a world that pays more heed to status than endeavor.

A supporting cast provides a great depth in quality to the production, with Elle's 'Greek chorus' (Andrea Chapman, Lucy Bailey and Ella Greenwood), Paulette Bonafonté (Helen Eadsworth) and Professor Callahan (Graham Ward) all worthy of individual praise.

To say that it was an amateur production makes the achievement of set design all the more impressive. From the sorority house opening dripping in glitter and pink, to the more formal Harvard Law School and court room staging, the sets would not have been out of place on the West End. Complex scene changes are executed smoothly, transitioning between scenes with minimal interference.

The numerous, high-tempo (and often complicated) musical numbers are also wonderfully executed, with credit due to both the obviously well-rehearsed cast and musical director Christopher Rees, as well as director Amanda Hall and choreographer Rachael Rees.

Legally Blonde is both an enormously entertaining, rousingly fun production and testament to wonderfully talented and dedicated cast and crew of the Carlton Operatic Society.

Legally Blonde runs until Saturday 9 May at the Theatre Royal

"Hi I'm Elle Woods, I'm a Gemini with a double Capricorn moon, I have a Bachelor's degree from UCLA where I was Sig Ep sweetheart, president of Delta Nu Sorority and founded the charity 'Shop for a Cause'"

Actually my name is Rosie Wade and unfortunately cannot boast any of those things nor am I even sure what much of it means... but I am so psyched to be playing the part of girly-girl turned sassy lawyer Elle Woods this May!

In reality I am a secondary science teacher in Nottingham with a fondness for entertaining/torturing my pupils with singing and dancing from my latest shows. This will be the third Carlton Operatic Society production I have been part of, previously playing the roles of a lost boy and a nun who had the reputation for being away with the fairies. Before moving to Nottingham I was a member of both Lichfield Operatic Society and Lichfield Garrick Youth Theatre with whom I developed a passion for performing.

I think it is safe to say I was pretty excited when it was announced that we would be performing Legally Blonde - The Musical. I believe I leapt out of my chair screaming "Oh my god, are you actually joking?!" As it happens I had a virtually identical reaction when my boyfriend proposed to me later in the year, so it must have been a pretty momentous occasion for me (sorry Sam!). I fell in love with Legally Blonde about 4 years ago when my lovely Mum bought me and some of my girl friends tickets to see it at the Theatre Royal as a birthday treat. I was initially unsure, not actually being a fan of the film but as always a bit of singing and dancing won me over and since then, it has been the soundtrack to mine and my sister's lives. We have the playlist on a loop in our kitchen when I am home. Of course all 3 of us are Elle in our kitchen productions and it would be an understatement to say they are a little jealous of my managing to not only be a part of the show but actually wangle the lead role!

I am now very excited to start rehearsing as Elle and I have already cast my family in the kitchen productions in a variety of roles to help me learn my lines! I have also got a long list of ticket orders from my very large family so I recommend you book now if you want to get a look in!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

"Hello! I'm Emmett Forrest, Class of Aught Seven. Represent."

I'm Mark, and I am so chuffed to be playing Emmett in Carlton Operatic Society's Legally Blonde. This is my third stage outing with the company and my biggest role to date! To be able to perform in this incredible show at such a prestigious venue is a real privilege. I can't wait!

Although this will be my second time performing at the Theatre Royal, I have been fortunate enough to perform just next door at the Royal Concert Hall back in my teens. I performed in hundreds of shows and displays with the Dako Flying Angels Gymnastics Display Team for 10 years, which even involved 3 live TV appearances on BBC's Blue Peter. I have the badges to prove it!

Looking back, my first taste of acting was back in Junior School when I played Bill Sykes in Oliver! I had to wear a huge black leather jacket and a ridiculously big gold chain. Admittedly, I looked more like a member of Run DMC than a cockney tough-nut!

I have always had a real passion for performing, and have been involved in various shows, plays, and musicals since the age of 10 when I joined the Dales Music & Drama Group in Bakersfield, Nottingham.

My passion for musicals stems way back to my childhood. My brother and I were obsessed with Little Shop of Horrors - I've been really fortunate to play both Seymour and more recently in 2012, provided the voice for the man-eating plant, Audrey II.

I'm now an ICT Teacher, working in an inner city school in Nottingham - I gained my Computing & Management Degree at Loughborough University back in 2009 and then threw myself straight into teaching. It's such a rewarding job!

Last year, I was given the opportunity to perform at the Theatre Royal for the first time ever in Sister Act: The Musical with Carlton Operatic as part of a comedy gangster trio. I think it's safe to say that the 70's tache and huge afro helped with the nerves! I'm delighted to be back again this year - hopefully this time, without the wig!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

It's hard to say whether I inherited my love of performing from my parents - before I was born, both my mum and dad performed on stage in the West End. My Mum was a dancer in the chorus and Dad was ... well a man, and it seems those are in short supply wherever you are when it comes to theatre, so he was roped in pretty much by default, but soon developed a taste for playing gangsters, and also for non-musical comedy. As a young lad I have memories of looking through the lever-arch files of photos from all manner of shows trying to spot younger versions of my parents under make-up, costumes and a variety of dreadful wigs.

As well as the musicals background, my Mum used to teach tap and my grandparents taught ballroom, so of course as soon as I hit my teens I wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of it, and instead pursued rock music (not sure I ever really caught it though) both as a singer and a guitarist with a few bands over the years. Along the way I got the bug for recording and engineering, had 3 independent albums released with bands I had been in and played pretty much everywhere from festivals to Rock City to one man and his dog in pubs in the middle of nowhere.

It was a trip to see one of my work colleagues in BMTG's production of Rent at the Duchess Theatre that led me to get involved with musical theatre - an offhand mention that the society's upcoming concert sounded fun and the next minute I was auditioning! I definitely got the bug - the pace and energy of theatre is just so different to bands; it keeps you on your toes and certainly for me each show provides so much to learn and to learn from. I've been lucky enough to be part of some great and extremely funny shows including Eurobeat (Almost Eurovision), Pirates Of Penzance, Anything Goes, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and some concerts along the way, and I'm very excited to be part of the Legally Blonde cast - the film is one of my favourite "feel-good" movies and the first time I saw the show the energy of the music and the comedy had me grinning from ear to ear.

Occasionally I get asked from people in bands I have played with, or who regularly came to see us play, as to why I left the band for the theatre. The answer is complicated. It's a different reaction, a different energy, a different performance, a whole different way of telling a story. You get to make people laugh, and sometimes cry. And occasionally you get to share your dressing room with a couple of dozen young ladies, and that's a whole step up from 4 sweaty guys in the back of a transit.


Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

I've been in various Operatic Societies since I was 16 when my mum suggested I joined her at St Albans Operatic Society (you can imagine the kind of response that got from a grumpy, hormonal teenager). Since then I've not looked back. I've had amazing fun performing in a variety of different musicals and the best thing is I've made very special life-long friends! (Thanks mum).

Over the years I've enjoyed taking part in the chorus and have gradually worked my way up to little 'bit' parts and then this - my first leading role (eek). Up until now I've not just been lurking at the back of the chorus - oh no. I seem to have got a reputation for making up my own lines and chucking them in. Ones that were never in the script but by the time you get to show week are the lynch-pin of the whole show. Some of my favourites include "Where's Fagin?" (Oliver) and "I know you do!" (West Side Story). So in the end I think it was probably just easier to give me a part with 'actual' lines!

I'm really looking forward to playing the part of Paulette. It's such a great character part - my favourite sort. Taking part in amateur shows gives you the opportunity to have a little holiday from real life. You don a new accent and put on a new personality often a million miles away from your own (especially with a strong character like Paulette). It's great fun to escape reality and 'play' - hey why should kids have all the fun?

Paulette and I do have a few things in common though as we both work in the beauty industry. In my day job I write beauty training for Boots at their office in Nottingham. It's a fantastic job, working with wonderful people, and I get to try out lots of new beauty products - yeah!

Paulette and I are both also small business owners as more recently I've started my own business CliffsCushions & Bunting. I hand-make personalised cushions and bunting for children plus wedding bunting and table decorations to match the bride's theme. (Perfectly placed to help Paulette with her 'Lord of the Rings' themed wedding). My husband Phil has been an amazing support (as always) even going as far as hanging bunting for me (it's very handy having a tall husband).

Of all the societies I've been in, Carlton has a very special place in my heart as they made me feel so welcome when I moved by myself to Nottingham from St Albans. So welcome that I'm still here nearly 15 years later!

That's all from me... I really hope you enjoy the show and "give my love to the leprechaun!"

Helen Eadsforth

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hello! My name is Sarah Kelly and I'll be playing the role of Vivienne.

I really found my love for musical theatre in my Grannie's front room in New Zealand. She had all the classics on VHS and throughout high school my boundless love for tap numbers in the rain and dreamy sky blue dresses cinched at the waist did not seem odd to me. However, I discovered the joy of performing musical theatre when I arrived fresh off a jet plane in England at 16 and started my Performing Arts Diploma in college. I was surrounded by like-minded musical fans and got to perform in a state-of-the-art facility. (Seriously-sprung floors?! In a college?!)

Since then I have pursued performing in many different forms; and am now a self-employed actor. I have been massively blessed to pursue a career in one of the toughest industries out there and my experiences have been wonderful and varied. From smiling and talking about inane perfume products until my jaw aches to filming an independent feature in a run down old council house in Newark, I have been so lucky to do so much and am so excited about what's to come.

Being given the role of Vivienne and the chance to perform on the Theatre Royal stage is such a privilege. There is a wealth of talent and experience in the Carlton Operatic Society and I am so excited to learn from them and to bring this spectacular show to life.

I am also excited to be celebrating my third wedding anniversary to Owen this year. While he knuckles down to ace his third year exams, I'll be dancing the winter away in rehearsals with some fabulous new friends!

I am thrilled to start rehearsals and feel blessed and amazed at the incredibly high standard of productions available to audition for in this city. The amateur and professional stage shows are absolutely fantastic and I have a sneaking suspicion that Legally Blonde will be the best yet!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi everyone my name's Graham and in Carlton's forthcoming show, Legally Blonde - The Musical, I will be playing Professor Callahan. It's always a joy to get the thumbs up from a cast committee when auditioning for parts but even better to know you will perform it in what I think is one of the best theatres in the country, Nottingham's Theatre Royal.

It's forty years now since I first stepped onto a stage aged 16 in a production of Mame for Ripley and Alfreton Operatic Society. From the back row of that chorus working hard each year to get to the front was challenging but a wonderful experience as well. Doing a hobby like this is very time consuming but with the support of my family I have been able to act, sing and dance my way through all those years. The world of entertainment has taken me into musical theatre, Shakespeare, opera, TV, pantomime and even fronting a dance band. Five years ago I decided to stop doing theatre work, wanting to experience a new challenge. So having found myself an agent I have been working as a solo artist singing in the clubs around our local area. It's hard work in that world but I have been and still am enjoying this new challenge.

Last year a chance meeting with Carlton's director Amanda Hall lead me back into theatre after being invited to play Father O'Hara in Sister Act The Musical. Happy days came along once again and I found myself back at the Theatre Royal. Over the years I have been fortunate to play the lead man in many shows. He is of cause usually more often than not the good guy. Well this year without giving too much away Callahan does not exactly show himself in a good light! How wonderful to now try my hand at playing not so colourful a character, can't wait!!!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi I'm Jessica and I'll be taking on the part of all-singing, all-dancing, all-skipping Brooke Wyndham in this year's production.

Skipping you ask? No I'm not a boxer, but after all the rehearsing, being battered and bruised, whipping myself in the arms, legs and face with my skipping rope every time I go wrong, I guess I might feel like one by the end of it all, minus the broken nose.

This part brings a new challenge for me, not only it being my debut principle role but also mastering the art of skipping while singing. It wears me out just thinking about it, so my skipping rope must become my best friend for the next four months.

Fortunately for me, just before I auditioned for the part, I took on another big challenge in training for and completing the Robin Hood Half Marathon, in which I was raising money for charity. This boded well for the auditions as I was probably at the height of my fitness ready to sing and skip.

Following my celebratory binge on finding out I had the part, combined with Christmas and my love of cheese, I am now ready to get back skipping and get 'Whipped into Shape'. No liposuction for the real Brooke Wyndham!

I am really glad to be back at Carlton Operatic Society, which I first joined at the age of 16 for West Side Story in 2006. This is where I fell in love with musical theatre and my passion has only grown since. So, after having a 6-year break from the society (I know I don't look that old) I am thrilled to be back and delighted to be taking to the stage with such a talented company, under a very talented production team.

So if you fancy a laugh, watching me fall over my skipping rope, or wish to join 'Wyndham's Workouts' come along and see the show.

And remember... What doesn't kill us makes us hotter!

Lots of love (and skipping), Jessica x

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi, I'm Lucy and I'll be playing sassy, sorority sister Pilar in Legally Blonde!

I've loved everything to do with performing and musicals for as long as I can remember. Much of my childhood was spent at dance classes and making up routines with my sister, whilst my mum and dad added to this obsession by taking us to see many shows at the Theatre Royal Nottingham. So, I am delighted to be performing there once again with Carlton Operatic Society in the fantastic Legally Blonde!

I first joined Carlton Operatic Society for The Wizard of Oz and loved playing the roles of an Ozian and one of the flying monkeys, where I memorably managed to throw one of the scarecrow's legs into the orchestra pit! Thankfully, the pianist forgave me and there won't be any danger of that happening this year! My roles have continued to vary throughout the years from a Lost Boy in Peter Pan to an all-singing, all-dancing Nun in Sister Act last year, each one being a joy to play. Being a part of the society has increased my love for the stage and built my confidence, which helped when I recently played Judy Haynes in White Christmas at the Lace Market Theatre. I loved the high energy dance routines from that show, so I am looking forward to shaking my junk as Pilar!

During the day, I'm a primary school teacher, teaching my class of 5 and 6 year olds the wonders of the musicals – we even have our own rendition of 'Good Morning' from Singin' In The Rain! As a skipper for Brooke's fitness video in the show, I've taken every opportunity to practise my skipping skills with the kids - much to their amusement - so I'm hoping to put this all to good use during show week!

I am really looking forward to playing Pilar and sharing Legally Blonde with you all. It promises to be a fabulous show which will have you laughing and dancing in your seats all night long!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

To say I'm a musical theatre geek... is a bit of an understatement. I saw the original cast of Les Mis when I was 4, and was instantly hooked.

I started dancing and singing at two years old and as I went through school my interest in music and theatre grew. I studied Music at university and got more involved with choral and classical singing. As a Music teacher I have overseen a number of school shows but it wasn't until I came to Nottingham a few years ago that I rediscovered my love of performing musical theatre. I have been lucky enough to perform as Joanne in Rent and Reno in Anything Goes, as well as a number of concerts in recent years and was incredibly excited to find out Carlton Operatic were doing Legally Blonde.

I went to see a friend perform in Legally Blonde on the opening night at the Savoy theatre and fell in love with it straight away. We were only 10 mins in when the stage broke causing the whole production to shut down briefly before they had to start it all over again (don't worry it won't happen this time)! The show made such a great impact on me I had to go see it again the next time I was in London... and maybe once more after that (I did mention I was a Musical Theatre Geek). Legally Blonde is a fantastic show, full of really high energy songs and a really positive story, and I'm delighted to get the opportunity to play Margot!!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi I'm Ella, I'm 19 and I am super excited to be playing UCLA Cheer Team Leader Serena in Legally Blonde - my first show with Carlton Operatic Society.

I have been told that my love of musicals started at an early age - I used to watch the Oliver film on loop at the age of 4 and there are videos of me belting out 'As Long As He Needs Me' and tap dancing to 'Consider Yourself'. My mum took me to dance classes at Nottingham Theatre Dance School and at the age of 6 I started competing in festivals and got my first 'Song and Dance'. It was through dancing that I discovered my love for singing and performing and I joined Nottingham Operatic Youth Group at the age of 10 with whom I performed in my first musical Annie as Molly!

Since then I have performed in a number of musicals with various different companies, my favourite roles being Patrice in 13 The Musical and Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors. My favourite composer is Jason Robert Brown and I am slightly obsessed with him and his musicals (if you don't know who he is you should find out!!) and my favourite musical is probably Little Shop of Horrors. When I am not rehearsing I am studying for my degree in Philosophy at the University of Nottingham.

I hope you are as excited as I am for the show, get your tickets now; it's one not to be missed!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi there! I'm Alison (Ali), I'm 23, Notts born, and I will be playing the role of Enid Hoops.

Where to start? Well, my love of music began at a young age through my upbringing in the Salvation Army church. Through this I attended multiple summer music schools up and down the country. In my first year at one music school at age 12, I was given a solo and I managed to keep it a secret from my mum until the night. She'll tell you this was one of her proudest moments. What she might also tell you is that when I stepped up to the mic she thought I was ill as I was so nervous I was shaking and pale!

I was also for several years part of the Nottingham Operatic Youth Group, and also took part in several school productions playing Tallulah and Miss Hannigan amongst others. My roles always seemed to be on the smutty side and to like a drink or two. Was this type-casting - I certainly began to think so as while getting my FdA in Musical Theatre at Hull I got the part of Jacqueline in Me and My Girl. Safe to say that as Enid I'll be getting to keep my clothes on this time!

My mum and gran deserve a mention here as they are the ones who introduced me to music and have continued to support me (even if I do give them a headache sometimes!) My mother and I are often known to have competitions in the car to see who can sing longer / louder/ higher... and I win (well sometimes). Nowadays there is a third competitor - my seven year old brother and he gives us both a run for our money! My mother has even dubbed him "Alison the second" - and I couldn't be prouder!

Like Enid I am a bit of a tomboy, only I'm not sure she'd be quite as much of a nerd as I am in Marvel and gaming - she is far too intelligent for that! However, I agree that 'voting green' sounds a particularly good idea right now!

I am thoroughly looking forward to being in Legally Blonde, and getting to work with such an amazing and professional cast; after all this will be the biggest stage I've been on!

So, "back the hell out of the way," because here we come!


Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi, I'm Tom. I absolutely love theatre and performing and have been lucky enough to do it all my life. To date I have played so many different parts, with so many accents, costumes, lifestyles that it's always exciting to see what may happen next. I wasn't expecting to be delivering parcels in short-shorts, but I am always up for something fun and different! Legally Blonde is such an amazing show and makes me laugh and smile every time I hear the songs – here's to a fun week!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi there - I'm Ross and I'm really chuffed to be involved with Carlton Operatic Society for Legally Blonde.

I've been singing and generally larking around on stage since I sang Benny Hill's Ernie The Fastest Milkman In The West at a cub scout gang show when I was 7 or thereabouts, and things have just generally got steadily more and more surreal since then.

I've been involved with the fantastic Long Eaton Operatic Society since I was 17 and some of the notable roles I've taken on there include Fagin in Oliver!, Harold Hill in The Music Man, Action in West Side Story and Isaac in The Hired Man, which has to be one of the most enjoyable roles I've ever taken on in what is a terrific show. I was also lucky enough to direct their 2013 production of Me & My Girl which went on to win NODA's Hinks-Cole Trophy for Best Midlands Show. I'm a little bit proud of that.

I've been on stage with a few societies and groups locally including Fourblokes, Erewash Musical Society, Nottingham Festival Opera, The Cast, The Watson Players and Rolls Royce Operatic Society. I've also done two Edinburgh Festivals and the Chester Mystery Plays.

In my spare time I like to eat sandwiches and ride my bike, but not simultaneously as that would just end in tears. I'm a big football fan of a team from elsewhere in the East Midlands and work as a freelance copywriter to earn my pennies. And it is pennies, by the way.

Aside from that, I'm a huge advocate for regional, fringe and local theatre and have co-launched a new website called 'Downstage Centre' to support the UK's vibrant theatre scene. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook! I think the East Midlands has some of the best theatres and local groups in the country - the Theatre Royal and Carlton very much included. I can't wait to get on that stage with everyone else - all of whom have made me feel very welcome.

Get along to see Legally Blonde and have yourself a great night out in Nottingham! You're going to love it!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hello! I'm Aston. I like long walks on the beach and romantic dinners....oops, sorry. That's for my lonely hearts column!

I first knew I wanted to be on the stage from the tender age of 5 when I played the part of an angel in the school nativity. (Unfortunately I didn't get the role of Mary. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride eh?!) Since then I have performed in many musicals and plays including Into The Woods, Seussical The Musical and The Producers, but I wont bore you with all the details!

I am a crazy cat lady. My cat, Patch, has no ears so he looks a bit like a sloth (but an adorable sloth!) I also feed a cat in my garden. I've named him Bruce.

One of my most enjoyable projects I've worked on is a short film Six Shooter where I got to do my favourite thing-a huge burp! The film got to the final of Film Fours' 'Fright Fest' festival which was shown at Leicester Square's Empire Cinema, as well as being shown in many countries around the world including America and Puerto Rico. Who knew burps could be so entertaining?!

The first show I performed at the Theatre Royal Nottingham was Annie in 2014. I must admit, after being surrounded by children during that, and during my run in panto, I am looking forward to not having to ensure there are no kids around when I tell my (usually potty-mouthed) jokes. I am really looking forward to returning to the Theatre Royal for Legally Blonde. Its a fantastic, feel good musical which is sure to make everyone leave the theatre with a smile! However, as the time of the show draws closer, I am having constant nightmares about tripping over my skipping rope and about the beautiful (sorry, I misspelt terrible) perm that I will have!

I hope you're looking forward to the show as much as my mum is (which is a lot!)

Enjoy the show, see you there!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hello, I'm Mike. Every year I acknowledge what a pleasure and a privilege it is to be part of Carlton Operatic Society. I've been saying that now for 16 years!

Carlton Operatic Society is a group of talented and enthusiastic performers, often mistaken for a professional company. Many years ago, a friend asked me to join but I told him that I couldn't act, sing or dance. He said, "It doesn't matter, they are short of blokes."

I've been trying to develop my acting skills through bit parts on television. I've managed to land a couple of walk-on roles in Hustle, Doctors, Jane Eyre, and Lost in Austin to name but a few. I was also in 6 episodes of Last of the Summer Wine before it finished.

In Pantomime and other stage roles, I'm invariably cast as the pompous English twit - I can't understand why!

I'm delighted to be part of Legally Blonde. It is such an energetic and fast moving show. I saw it in the West End with Sheriden Smith and loved it. I was happy to come along and support the show without being in the cast - but they were short of blokes!

I am playing the cameo role of Elle's Dad who is a keen golfer and wears very garish attire. I am also a keen golfer and the costume is likely to be from my own wardrobe.

I'm looking forward to the show and what I hope will be a thrilling week.

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent" - Victor Hugo.

Most of the time, that's my problem I can't remain silent! I think I was probably singing before I could talk. I am lucky enough to have been brought up with the opportunity to train in the arts; I have danced, sung and acted from a very young age and I truly believe that I have musical theatre running through my blood!

I had always played chorus roles in various shows such as Honk, Carousel, Les Miserables, Tommy, Dracula Spectacular, and countless pantomimes, until in 2012 I was given the lead role of Glenda Miller in the Pantomime Puss in Boots at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. Since then I have played part of a principle comedy double act in the pantomime Sleeping Beauty and the Carlton Operatic Society gave me the incredible opportunity to play Sister Mary Patrick in Sister Act at the Theatre Royal in 2014.

Legally Blonde is my second show with the society and I really can't wait. The role I have been given will be somewhat of a challenge for me as I'm not your typical girly girl who finds it easy to 'shake her thing'! I'm used to playing comedic roles that allow me to stay 'boyish'. I see this show and this role as a challenge, and I'm looking forward to stepping out of that comfort zone!

All that's left to say is... OMIGOD BRING IT ON!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Music and theatre has been a large part of my life. I guess it really started back at Junior School where we were lucky to have a headmaster who was interested in music. As most children do I learnt to play the recorder and sung in the school choir and had the opportunity to sing twice at the Albert Hall, Nottingham with the Combined Schools Choir.

As a family we used to go and watch musicals at the Theatre and my first memories would be of seeing my Junior School Headmaster Mr Teasdale playing Mr Bumble in Oliver for Nottingham Operatic Society at the Theatre Royal.

Around the age of 9 I started to have dance lessons and learnt Ballroom & Latin American, which I continued to do until I was 18.

I sang with the Junior Church choir and from there joined the church's Gilbert & Sullivan Society at the age of 12, which was my first real steps on to stage and combining singing with movement and dance. I stayed with the Society until I was 25 moving from back row of the chorus to taking principle roles.

Having done Pirates of Penzance three times an opportunity came up to do it a fourth, this time with Nottingham Operatic Society who were doing the new West End version, it was a chance I couldn't miss - doing a kick line dressed as a pirate! I'm now in my 24th year with NOS.

Soon after I joined CO-OP Arts Theatre (now Nottingham Arts Theatre) for their version of Lionel Bart's musical Blitz as they were looking for men – nothing changes. Then as is my norm I got more involved in things and have done plays, musicals, pantomimes, backstage work from crewing, building sets and stage management. I also learnt to tap dance when we did Anything Goes and carried on having lessons for a couple of years, which enabled me to play Andy Lee the Dance Director in 42nd Street for NOS.

I joined Carlton Operatic for their production of Me & My Girl and I've enjoyed singing, dancing and occasionally acting in every production since. I think the most memorable will be last year (maybe because I'm getting on now and can't remember any further back) playing Pablo a Spanish speaking gangster in Sister Act, great fun!

I'm looking forward to Legally Blonde, playing various characters; see if you can spot me, but you can only do that if you have bought your tickets, so get booking!!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi, my name is Catherine and I am really excited to be appearing in Legally Blonde - my first show with Carlton Operatic Society.

I have been interested in performing for as long as I can remember insisting that my mum put me in dance classes at the age of two. I spent the majority of my childhood attending various different dance classes and theatre groups as well as taking part in several school productions. My highlight has to be playing Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, a production where I learnt the meaning of the phrase 'the show must go on' after I suffered a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction in one show and caused a family friend's daughter to cry hysterically when I got eaten by the plant in another.

I continued to pursue my love of musical theatre whilst studying for my English degree at the University of Nottingham by becoming part of their musical theatre society, Musicality. I took part in several concerts with the society performing a variety of different songs, with one of my favourites being 'A Little Priest' from Sweeney Todd in which I played the part of Mrs Lovett which was certainly a step out of my comfort zone! The society provided me with an excellent distraction from my degree course as I became heavily involved with choreographing numbers and taking on a role on the committee during my final year. Since graduating I have performed in two very different but equally fun productions, Oh What a Lovely War! at Lakeside and Robin Hood and Babes in the Wood at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. Oh What a Lovely War! proved to be a very extensive history lesson and required a huge amount of stamina since the cast were pretty much constantly on stage throughout the production and I am hoping this will hold me in good stead skipping in the number 'Whipped into Shape.'

I cannot wait to take to the Theatre Royal stage in May and I hope everyone enjoys watching the show as much as we have enjoyed rehearsing it!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi. I'm Jenny and I will be playing the part of the Judge (among other things) in Carlton Operatic Society's production of Legally Blonde.

I can't remember a time when I have not been in rehearsal for some production or another; whether that be at a local church hall, The Lace Market Theatre, The Nottingham Arts Theatre, Nottingham Playhouse or The Theatre Royal.

I plucked up the courage to audition for Carlton Operatic Society in 2006 for West Side Story. I was absolutely terrified as I didn't really know anyone and, although I had plenty of experience as a dancer, I was not a confident singer. I am pleased to say that somehow I got through the audition and have been a member ever since.

None of this would of course have been possible without the support of my family. I have fond memories of my dad taking me to dance class on the back of his Lambretta and my mum staying up until all hours sewing costumes for shows and competitions. My husband, I might add, is a dab hand at making props.

I fell in love with Legally Blonde when I saw it a couple of years ago at the Theatre Royal and am delighted to have the opportunity of performing in it at that very same venue alongside such an amazingly talented group of people. So, I urge you to deliberate no more and get booking those tickets.

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi I'm Sophie I'm 24 years old, Australian, a twin and I also have a metal spine! I'm really looking forward to performing with Carlton Operatics for my second year.

I have been performing now for as long as I can remember. My mum and dad first took me to a dance class on a Saturday morning so they could do their food shopping. That was 23 years ago and I haven't stopped since. I'm very lucky to have been brought up with this opportunity.

The first lead role I was given was in 2013. I played 'Fairy Lilac' at the Nottingham Arts Theatre in the Pantomime of Sleeping Beauty. I even met my boyfriend doing this! (You can imagine what our house is like!) Since then I have played a Nun in Sister Act with Carlton Operatic Society at the Theatre Royal Nottingham and again a Fairy in the Pantomime Robin Hood in 2014.

I am absolutely delighted to have been given a part of one of the Delta Nu girls and a skipper! During rehearsals we have been getting 'whipped into shape' in preparation for the show. This has involved hours of skipping but to be honest, I think I've spent more time hitting myself with the rope and tripping over than I have actual skipping! The nightmares have already started!

Anyway, OMIGOD this is going to be an amazing show! Please book your tickets!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

'Well hi y'all. My name's David, and I'll be playing Grandmaster Chad, the hippest MC y'all ever did see'. Believe it or not, this is my first musical theatre performance. Not just with the Carlton Operatic Society, but EVER. Yep. Lil ol' me is a stage show virgin, and I couldn't have chosen a better group then the Carlton Operatic Society. I was really excited to join after I had an absolutely fantabulous outing to see last year's show, Sister Act. Every single member has made my first step into the world of theatre performing so much smoother. With every left foot out of place and time, they've been there to help put me right on every beat.

Now, a little bit about me. Well, ever since I can remember, I've had a love for singing. Growing up, my parents would tape music videos and live Top Of The Pops performances onto VHS (Wow! Remember them?), and I would always enjoy singing along to them. Sooooo many different artists, including The Flying Pickets, Queen, Duran Duran, Lionel Richie, Nik Kershaw, Wham!, Paul McCartney, the list goes on. It wasn't until I was dragged out for my first karaoke night out with college friends, that I realised how much I love performing on stage, and it wasn't until my first bar job at Jumpin' Jaks, that I realised how much I love dancing to choreographed routines, all of which will be essential in this year's production of Legally Blonde.

In the day, I work as a telephonist for one of Nottingham's largest taxi companies, and by night, I go by the moniker of 'The Karaoke Kidd', as you'll always find me in some bar, blasting out a classic, or a recent hit with gusto. If I'm not out and about singing on an evening, I'm usually DJ-ing for weddings, birthday parties, retirement bashes, so music pretty much surrounds me on every turn (and I love every bit of it).

Apart from the incredible experience I'm sure to have performing on the stage with all the crew, as well as the additional level of fitness I've received from all the skipping (yes, I'll be skipping on stage), one big thing I will take away from being in Legally Blonde, is I now know what happens if you get a perm wet within 48 hours of having one done. Want to find out for yourself what fascinating thing happens, as well as check out what's going to be an UH-MAZE-ING show? Well, get yourself ordering some tickets, and come see all the gang cheering on Elle Woods as she fights for the right to be LEGALLY BLONDE (OH YEAH-EH-EH!).

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi I'm Michelle, and I'm delighted to be involved in Carlton Operatic Society's fabulous upcoming production of Legally Blonde!

I've been dabbling in amateur theatre for the last six years, having joined the Lace Market Theatre after a taking a sizeable break from acting for uni, work, life etc. I've performed in an eclectic range of productions there, including Chekov, Miller, Sheridan, Euripedes and Shakespeare to name a few, and I've gained some valuable stage skills along with some more unusual proficiencies; I can now belly dance, speak a number of Russian phrases and execute a series of WW1 parade ground rifle drills! I've also recently trodden the boards at the Nottingham Arts Theatre and this September I'll be promenading around the Theatre Royal with The Royal Company.

My earliest memory of loving theatre is as a tiny tot seeing The Nutcracker for the first time, and after a few years of failed ballet lessons I threw myself into acting, playing a succession of male roles in my formative years (the perils of attending an all-girls' school) – apart from my stage debut, aged 5, as a Christmas pudding – until I joined the West Bridgford School of Speech and Drama. And got to play girls, finally! I also developed an ardent interest in the action behind the scenes, and found my way into stage management.

I'm a keen advocate for amateur theatre, and in addition to being a Trustee of The Lace Market Theatre Trust charity, as a Company Stage Manager for New Street Theatre Company I'm involved in an annual community musical project at the Lakeside Arts Centre, giving amateur performers the opportunity to develop their skills and experience by participating in a professionally-led production.

Despite a somewhat diverse dramatic history I've never performed in a musical, so am excited and terrified in equal measure by the challenges Legally Blonde is throwing at me! My first experience of the Theatre Royal stage was stage managing for Nottingham Operatic Society's Fiddler on the Roof in 2011; if you saw it, I was the dowdy Russian peasant woman shoving Tevye's cottage on and off stage. It'll feel very strange to relinquish my headset and swap my steelies for heels but I'm ready to jump out of my comfort zone, especially for such a marvellous musical!

Don't delay, book your ticket today!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hi, I'm Zoe and I am very excited to be performing in Carlton Operatic Society's fantastic and energetic production of Legally Blonde.

It is a privilege to be performing at the prestigious Theatre Royal on the same stage where I have watched many inspirational performers who undoubtedly led to my love of the theatre.

My love of singing and performing stems back to my childhood. Both my grandfathers sang in a successful choir and educated me in the different musical genres. I also had a passion for playing various musical instruments throughout the years – violin, keyboard and guitar and had an appreciation for rock, jazz, classical – and everything in between!

A huge childhood inspiration of mine was Disney and I would always be singing the classical numbers from The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty, etc. – mainly to anyone and everyone who would listen!

Jump forward a few years and I attended Stagecoach, a Performing Arts Theatre School. I absolutely loved the excitement and thrill back-stage before a show and from then on I was hooked. During my time at Stagecoach I successfully auditioned to be part of a group that performed at the Royal Albert Hall, London and at the Queen's Royal Jubilee Celebrations.

Since then I have graduated from Loughborough University in Graphic Design and Illustration (so for me, work is fun!) and for the last seven years I have been working as a Designer in Nottingham.

I am looking forward to being a part of Legally Blonde – and playing various parts throughout the show. I'll be whizzing on and off that stage like nobody's business!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Hello, I'm Céline. Compared to everyone else in Carlton Operatic Society I am probably what you would call a late developer. I didn't really do anything musical, apart from playing the piano badly, until I was an adult. When I moved to Nottingham I became self-employed, worked from home and my job took me all over the UK and Ireland so meeting people and making friends wasn't that straight forward. I decided the best thing to do was to join something, and that's how it all started. I watched Carlton performing West Side Story and I really wanted to be part of the group, although I didn't think I'd get past the audition, never mind be able to learn the dance routines and sing against people blasting out six other different lines. Despite the fact that I sometimes feel like my feet are knitting when they should be dancing and my dog howls when I sing (which isn't a confidence booster), I seem to manage.

Being in Carlton and doing a show is a combination of being totally terrified and having a ball. The rehearsals are really good fun and we have a laugh, but at the same time we work hard. When we finally get to the theatre before the show opens it is so exciting, and scary, and we love it. Seeing the pleasure on people's faces in the audience when they watch us makes every bit of rehearsal sweat (and sleepless nights because I can't remember my words or what my feet should be doing) worthwhile. Believe me, you'd don't need to go to the West End to see a great show – we can do it just as well, if not better.

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

My Singing career started (and ended) when I sang 'Little Donkey' at the age of six as part of the Whissendine 'Stars' variety performance, it was downhill from then on...haha! It was definitely my mum's fault that I caught the bug for this theatre malarkey. Both my parents performed on stage, my dad playing Guitar in folk clubs, and mum performing over the last 30 years and still to this day with Melton Amateur Operatic Society.

I grew up listening to musicals, and going to see my mum and aunt in various shows in Melton, and in Nottingham. Theatre was in the blood, so it was understandable that I should want to study Performing Arts when I got to college... But I didn't.

After turning down a place on a Performing Arts course, I opted for A-Levels – what I thought at the time was the more 'sensible' option.

That's when I fell upon two other passions, Art and Photography.

I later went on to study a degree in Photography at the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and pursued a career as a freelance photographer. My job took me to lots of exciting places all over the world, where I worked on both commercial and personal projects. I even dabbled in theatre photography for several shows. I still photograph the odd wedding now and again, but in the last year, my career has taken a leap into entirely different realms. I retrained as a graphic designer, and in November won the Inspiring Retail competition which allowed me to open a Shop, rent free in the Broadmarsh Shopping Centre. I'm now branded as 'The Dukki Lady' because I design and sell Nottingham themed products, centred around the Nottingham dialect.

Theatre has always been such a big part of my life, and people are always asking me how "just a hobby" can take up so much time. I say, "I do it because I love it, and I'll never change", and I'm sure all the other theatre nutcases out there will agree with how addictive it can be. For those hours during rehearsals, I get to switch off, and focus on something which makes me truly happy. My job is pretty awesome too, don't get me wrong, but in real life, I would never have been able to play a member of the French resistance (Allo Allo), a male pirate (Peter Pan), a Lancastrian transvestite (Regina Monologues) and a nun (Sister Act)- all in the space of a few years! I hope you all enjoy the performance as much as I've enjoyed being part of it. Ta-ra, Duck!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

My name is Peter Newman. I am a Nottingham native and graduate of NTU. I was lucky enough to wander into a casting call for Amanda Hall's Robin Hood Pantomime last year, and luckier still to land the role of Little John! This is an achievement that I have to put down, firstly, to being 6'3" and, secondly, to having had the presence of mind not to run and hide while still waiting in the green room for my turn. This is definitely one of the better decisions of my life, as being on stage as part of an ensemble tops my list of best experiences ever (along with teaching abroad and seeing the Red Hot Chili Peppers live).

I currently spend my days volunteering at Oxfam and frantically wondering what I am going to do with my life. As well as theatre, I also love music and cinema (Cinderella is great by the way – go and see it). Legally Blonde is such a fantastic show, which I am very thankful to be a part of. Everyone involved in the production is so dedicated and talented and the atmosphere is very friendly. It is a complete marriage of inspiration and hard work. Come on, opening night!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Coming soon!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Coming soon!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Coming soon!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!

Coming soon!

Legally Blonde, Nottingham Theatre Royal, 5-9 May 2015. Order tickets online now!