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The Wizard of Oz - Information for Cast

This section will be updated as and when we issue updates to the members and alumni mailing lists.

A word from the Production Team...

Hi, and welcome to the Technicolor, fun-filled, giggly, gooey madness (with a tiny bit of pathos here and there) that is our production of Wizard of Oz!

We really hope that you are keen to walk along the Yellow Brick Road with us, (sorry!) to the land where Scarecrows need brains, monkeys fly and a hot air balloon is the ticket out of a seriously weird dream!!!

Jokes aside, whilst the Wizard of Oz is not the uncharted territory of Carlton shows in most recent years, it is a tried and trusted favourite with audiences young and old and has the potential to be an incredibly enjoyable, exciting and heart-warming experience for all.

As a production team, we are keen to ensure that the extremely high standard achieved by Carlton Operatic Society over the last few years remains intact. With your enthusiasm, energy and creativity brought in to the mix, we are confident that we can deliver!

At the first rehearsal we will talk in much more depth about our vision for the show and hopefully by the end of the night, you’ll be as excited about it as we are!!!!

Initial Rehearsal Schedule

Once we get underway, the rehearsal schedule updates will be published in a members-only area; please ensure that you have registered for access. For now we have produced a first rehearsal schedule that details when the company and principal auditions will be.

At the first rehearsal the production team will be going through the show, and more importantly, detailing what will be required from the cast and in particular the principal parts (e.g. characterisation).

Company Auditions

This year, you will only need to sing a song of your choosing, preferably from memory, preferably "acted" as well as sung. There will be no dance audition.

There are two nights of auditions, Thursday 17th September and Thursday 24th September, both starting at 7pm. We'll open booking for the slots at the first rehearsal, but if you are not able to make a particular day (for holidays, for example), please let us know now.

Principal Auditions

The principal roles will be auditioned in two sets; firstly for the four main roles (Dorothy, Scarecrow/Hunk, Tin Woodsman/Hickory, Lion/Zeke); secondly for the remaining leads (Aunt Em/Glinda, Miss Gultch/West Witch, Uncle Henry/Guard, Professor/Wizard).


The following is just a brief guide to the main characters in the show. They are aimed to help you when preparing for audition. However, in the audition we would like you to feel that you can show us your interpretation of the character so please use these as a point of reference only.

Has lost her parents and now lives with her aunt and uncle. Her dog, Toto, means everything to her. Whilst she is young, innocent and naïve, she is extremely spirited and throughout the show goes through a whole range of complex emotions, meaning there is depth required in her characterisation.
Scarecrow-Hunk / Tin Woodsman-Hickory / Lion-Zeke
The characters of Hunk/Hickory/Zeke and Scarecrow/Tin Woodsman/Lion need to bear resemblance to one another. In essence, the Scarecrow/Tin Woodsman/Lion should be an embellished, larger-than-life version of Hunk/Hickory/Zeke, whereas Hunk/Hickory/Zeke will need to be very genuine. Other than that, we would like to see your own interpretation of these characters as they have so many varied possibilities. Please bear in mind that the character of Tin Woodsman (in particular) will require a lot of physical flexibility in performance.
Aunt Em/Glinda
Aunt Em/Glinda possibly has the biggest transformation between Kansas and Oz. Both need to be a caring, motherly figure but where Aunt Em is plain and matriarchal, Glinda is a glittering princess! In the audition, we need to see the ability to show the differences and similarities between the two characters.
Almira Gultch/West Witch
As Almira she should be cold, callous, intimidating and unfeeling. As the witch, she has a similar character but in a more magnified way. However, under no circumstances do we want this part to become a panto villain so she should not be stereotypically "evil" and instead should display a depth of character.
Uncle Henry/Guard
Kind and gentle, husband to Aunt Em.
Likeable, perhaps a little eccentric. Wise

In terms of ages, we don't want to specify exacts but ask you to use your common sense. Dorothy is a teenager and the actress playing her needs to come across as one. Aunt Em and Uncle Henry need to be old enough to have a teenage niece and the Prof/Wizard needs to have some life experience. As for the Scarecrow/Tin Woodsman/Lion, age is not specified or referred to so we can be flexible with that. If you have any queries or concerns please don't hesitate to discuss them.

Two more documents are available: Audition pieces and ranges for the parts; and a list of characters by scene.

If you are planning on auditioning for one of the parts, and would like to get your hands on the audition material in advance so you can commit it to memory, please contact the production team (see below for details) and we'll make arrangements to get it to you.


Rehearsals will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, with Sunday rehearsals once the children have been cast.


Flyers for the show are being printed; tickets will be on sale via the website by October. Please start spreading the word – get the show dates (9th – 13th March 2010) in people's diaries now.


This is a membership form for 2009/10 season. If you could complete this and bring to the first rehearsal – don't forget you will need to become a member before you are permitted to audition for the company.

Books will be available from the first rehearsal, for a deposit of £15 for a script and £15 for a score. This will be refunded when you return the book mark-free.

Important Dates

First rehearsalThursday 10th September at 7.30pm
Company auditionsThursday 17th and Thursday 24th September 7pm
Principal auditions 
Dorothy et al:Monday 28th September 7.30pm
Witches, Wizard, GuardThursday 1st October 7pm


You can read the synopsis of the show here.


The 1988 London Revival Cast Recording is the closest you'll find to the show we are doing. The script is based on the MGM film, so watching that is a good place to get your head around the plot...

Production Team

This year your production team is

You can contact us using the address productionteam at carltonoperatic.com. Please don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have about the show, your involvement in it, the audition format, or anything (as long as it relates to the show!) We are here to help, and make the season a fun and enjoyable one again this year.