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Summer Holiday - Reviews

Summer Holiday

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  • Nottingham Evening Post - Peter Jordan, Thursday 6th Mar 2008

    Set in an age when ten bob was a small fortune, cream soda a favourite tipple and a first kiss sent you into raptures, this musical comedy will have you wanting to dance in the aisles.

    Immortalised on film by Sir Cliff Richard, Summer Holiday follows a group of teenage pals on an adventure which takes them from rainswept London to sunnier climes, aboard a big red bus.

    Tom Keeling as Don (the role played by Cliff) oozes boy next door charm and along with his talented leading lady Rachel Jacoby (Barbara) brings to life a magical score, played with immaculate precision by a splendid orchestra conducted by Chris Rees.

    Charlie Cracknell, Chris Hallett and Steve Salt as "the boys" and Jo Keighley, Stephanie Freeman and Sarah Warnsby as the "girls" bring warmth, humour and individual talent to the proceedings.

    Fabulous dance routines devised by Rachael Rees are a feature but it is the memorable songs including The Young Ones, Bachelor Boy, On the Beach and Living Doll that hold special appeal. Carlton Operatic Society under the direction of Amanda Hall captures the magic of a clean-cut bygone era.

    BBC Nottingham Website - Margaret and Gordon Poulson, Wednesday 5th Mar 2008

    Summer Holiday is presented by the Carlton Operatic Society.

    Based on the film "Summer Holiday" this musical is full of fun, romance, bright costumes and well known songs.

    Cyril, Edwin and Steve are thrilled when their work mate Don tells them that he has been able to persuade London Transport (their employer) to give them a big red bus so that they can, once it has been fitted out, travel to the South of France instead of spending their holiday in Clacton.

    Following their adventures we meet Alma, Angie, and Mimsie, a singing group who are on their way to Athens.

    They also encounter Barbara, an American pop star, who is running away from her overbearing mother Stella and her put- upon agent Jerry.

    Everyone involved in the show appeared so enthusiastic. The members of the band worked hard and had many a foot tapping in time to their rhythms.

    The choreography was complicated but executed perfectly.

    The talent in this group is outstanding: the show was of a professional standard.

    At times it was very tempting to join in the singing and dancing but the audience contained their enthusiasm until the end of the show when they stood, singing, swaying and clapping.

    Do you remember seeing the film? If so do not miss this show it will evoke so many memories of fashion, hair styles and music of the time.

    Noda - Phil Williams, Tuesday 4th Mar 2008

    Plenty of audience foot tapping in this super high action, energetic production that certainly brought back the sounds of the 60s. Musically, very well handled and accompanied by an excellent band. The eight principal characters sang and danced superbly and they had very good backing from all the other characters and chorus throughout the show. Lots of opportunity to dance, fully utilised, with fine choreography and dance using a variety of styles. Good costumes and effective sets were lit well and the many scene changes were handled very efficiently. An abundance of smiles on the audience faces as they left.